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Our Story


We are a group of cyclists, advocates, and overall adventurous people. We strive to build and share unique adventures that can only be experienced on two wheels. We believe that cycling can be transformative for individuals and communities alike.
We are Spoke Collective.

At Spoke Collective, we connect the dots between you and your next adventure at one of our many destinations. Phil and Abe focus on bridging the gap between the rider and their environment. Our goal transcends your typical bike guiding experience. Instead, we seek to make you experience what it's like to be a local wherever we go.

Meet The Team


Abe Alkhamees

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A Researcher by profession, athlete by passion, and seasoned adventurer. Abe’s life changed for the better thanks to cycling and its communities, which led him to lose over 82kgs of his body weight. As a networking maven, he seeks to shine a light on the untapped potential of under-represented communities and regions.


Philip Terrett

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A Graphic Designer with over twenty years of experience Philip has spent the last four years working throughout Europe as a cycle tour leader and guide. Working with specialist cycle tour operators and cycle brands he has built a reputation for organizing and leading high-end cycle tours.

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