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Olive groves, dense forests and green hills

Umbria is the land of Saint Francis and devotion to him permeates the whole territory. Our tour starts in Gubbio. This charming Umbrian city is best reached by train from Rome. Gubbio is one of the cities most linked to the memory of Saint Francis, by virtue of the peace pact that the Saint made in 1200 between the inhabitants of the city and the terrible wolf that devoured people. After the hotel accommodation there will be a briefing on the tour, and then a visit to the beautiful Umbrian city that can be considered the ‘second homeland’ of the saint of Assisi. The route can be divided into 4 stages in order to allow even the less trained to enjoy the magnificent landscapes, and maybe stay overnight in the historic medieval centers scattered along the route. Of course, these stages can also be adjusted as needed. On the way from Gubbio and Piediluco, you can test yourself with challenging climbs. Every corner of this land is worth a visit and its variety is nothing short of surprising.

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