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The Canary Islands

The Spanish Archipelago off the coast of Western Africa, are rugged volcanic islands known for their unique nature and climate.

The Canary Islands are the training grounds of many top pro teams for all the right reasons. Big mountains, endless sunshine year-round, and outstanding cuisine are some of the many elements that make the archipelago a legendary destination for cyclists. Being home to various climates where it could be raining on one side and sunny on the other means that you can pick and choose whatever fits your training needs. The unique location of the islands grants it relatively stable temperatures year-round, again making it the perfect cycling destination for those looking to escape the harsh summer heat of the Arabian Peninsula or freezing temperatures of Europe. The terrain on the islands can be quite challenging for cyclists, ranging from the longest climb in Europe to some of the steepest grades around; hence, why the pros call this home during the winter months. Regardless of your fitness level, we can build an adventure to fit all your fitness needs.

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